If you have a Medicare card and private health insurance, your total out-of-pocket expense for pregnancy care with Dr Owen is approximately $7,400.  This covers:

  • All routine antenatal consultations (usually 10-12 visits);
  • All additional or “emergency” antenatal consultations (e.g. scans in the rooms for your reassurance)
  • All ultrasound scans, including 3D/4D scans, performed in the rooms by Dr Owen (a qualified ultrasound specialist);
  • The “planning and management” fee, which acts as a retainer acknowledging Dr Owen’s availability to attend to you 24/7 (quite literally);
  • Consultations by Dr Owen if you attend or are admitted to hospital at any time during your pregnancy;
  • Attendance at, and management of, your birth (regardless of the mode of delivery);
  • Postnatal care while you are admitted to hospital;
  • and postnatal consultations in the rooms.
MBS item numberFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
Initial antenatal consultation (including a formal dating scan)16401$400.00$79.65$320.35
Follow-up antenatal consultation16500$160.00$43.95$116.05
Planning and management fee deposit (payable at 20 weeks gestation)$3,400.00Nil$3,400.00
Planning and management fee balance (payable at 28 weeks gestation)16590$3,400.00$595.15$2,804.85
Delivery fee16519
Health fund billed directlyHealth fund billed directlyNil
Postnatal consultation16407Bulk-billedBulk-billedNil
Any additional/emergency consultations in rooms or in hospitalVariousBulk-billedBulk-billedNil

Self-funded private patients: If you do not have private health insurance with top obstetric cover, it is usually more cost-effective for you to have your baby at the Royal Hospital for Women as a private patient under my care.  In this situation, the care you receive from me is exactly the same, but the usual delivery fee cannot be billed to your health fund, so is payable by you instead.  This fee is $2,000 out-of-pocket regardless of the complexity of your birth, and is payable by 28 weeks gestation.


Ancillary services during pregnancy

Please note that several other medical professionals may be required to contribute to your safe care during pregnancy.  These individuals set their own fees.  The following is a guide as to the approximate fees they may charge; however, you should seek a fee disclosure directly from them.

Ultrasound scans if not performed by Dr Owen (keep in mind that he will perform most scans ‘in house’ without additional charge)$250-400 per scan
Lab testsVariable
Anaesthetist, should you have an epidural for pain relief in labour, and/or require a caesarean section$1000-2000
Assistant surgeon, should you have your baby by caesarean section$500-750


MBS item numberFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
Initial gynaecologic or fertility consultation (including pelvic ultrasound where clinically indicated)104$400.00$80.85$319.15
Follow-up consultation105$160.00$40.65$119.35
Insertion of Mirena with ultrasound guidance35503$280.00$74.65$205.35
Gynaecological surgeryVariableVariableVariable


For women seeing Dr Owen for antenatal care, no additional fee is raised for ultrasound scans performed in the rooms.

For women referred by other doctors, the following fees apply.  Please note that asterisked Medicare rebate amounts include the EMSN rebate, which applies once the Medicare Safety Net threshold has been reached.

SINGLETON PREGNANCIESMBS item numberFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
1st trimester dating scan
< 12 weeks
Early anatomy scan
12-16 weeks
Morphology scan
17-22 weeks (ideally 19+)
Growth and wellbeing scan
> 22 weeks - first scan
Growth and wellbeing scan
> 22 weeks - subsequent scans
TWIN PREGNANCIESMBS item numberFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
Growth and wellbeing scan
> 22 weeks - first scan
Growth and wellbeing scan
> 22 weeks - subsequent scans