My Approach

I pride myself on my dedication to providing personalised care to my patients, which I can achieve by limiting the number of women I look after as private patients. I provide my personal mobile number to my private patients and am on call for you 24/7, with only the occasional weekend off, during which my longstanding colleague Dr Rob Buist (with whom I share rooms) attends to my patients on my behalf.  I have personally delivered more than 99% of patients booked under my care.  I advise my patients well in advance of any extended periods of planned leave.

While I am skilled in the full range of obstetric interventions, I recognise that many women wish for a birth experience which is as natural as possible. As such, I seek to deliver safe, high-quality care without the use of unnecessary obstetric intervention.

Although I am happy to offer caesarean sections on maternal request, I pride myself on having a low emergency caesarean section rate for those women who seek to have a vaginal birth.

Ultrasound plays an important role in my practice. As a qualified obstetric sonologist, I have the training to perform formal scans in my rooms, including 3D/4D scans. By conducting regular ultrasound monitoring of fetal growth and wellbeing, I can approximately triple the detection rate of ‘small for gestational age’ babies, when compared to standard obstetric care. I believe that this translates into improved outcomes for these ‘at risk’ babies, in addition to the convenience of having scans done ‘in house’ at the time of your appointments.

I take a collaborative approach to managing pregnancy. My role is to provide professional advice and balanced information, based on the latest scientific literature, to help you make decisions that you feel comfortable with.

I offer all women the option of a scheduled delivery prior to the due date (either by induction of labour or caesarean section) as this may minimise certain adverse outcomes. However, I recognise that not all women are keen on this intervention, and I consider it quite reasonable to await the spontaneous onset of labour, provided both the mother and baby are well.

Having had the experience of pregnancy and birth from a father’s perspective, I appreciate the trust that is bestowed upon one’s chosen caregiver. As an obstetrician, I respect this enormous privilege by providing a personalised service that is available 24/7 to attend to your needs.